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53 ratings
  1. I was downloading a few movies but when it’s nearly done it stops and it won’t download anymore. It always says the torrent is broken. It shows connecting to peers but it doesn’t resume the download. Is this a problem with my Internet? or its the app that is not receiving the peer connection?

  2. philip tang 3 days ago

    When I open the App , it prompt connection error. Check internet connection. However , my connection is
    do not have any issue. Show box should look into the bug fixing from time to time.

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    My favorite shows haven’t been even uploading even tho they’re been out for days

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    This app works so poorly. Can’t stream even on WiFi. Constantly dealing with 2 seconds of watching and 4 minutes of frozen screen. Sound quality from one video to the next is never the same. It’s nice that there are newer movies, but if it takes 5hrs to watch one 2 hr show what is the point.

  5. Noel blake 6 days ago

    This shit bugs when u log in it days an update is available when u download the update you don’t get the option to install the update only to cancel it I’d like to think the update would fix the bugs it now has but it obviously can’t fix shit

  6. Noel blake 6 days ago

    Showbox is definitely having issues it use to be awesome sucks bad now can’t even successfully update it no matter what I try owell u get what u pay for

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    Great app but all the movies I play are in Spanish not English (my native language) waste of my time WOULD NOT RECOMMEND unless your in another country like Spain not canada

    Might reconsider the app if launguage is changed to my own

  8. Best way to watch anything is to download it to your device first and hope it has audio. No pauses or adds that way amd you can pause,ff and rewind at will.

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    Had show box for years and it’s been great.
    Don’t know what’s happened but it’s crap now. Keeps freezing and far to many ads

  10. Angry mister 1 week ago

    I don’t know what’s been going on with showbox but it sucks. Now it’s loaded with adds and whenever I’m trying to enjoy a show it stops on me and then the video player icon or a stream icon pops up and neither one of them work,and movies? Forget about it, I can’t enjoy a movie either. Showbox has become a trash ass app now. Whoever reconfigured it needs to be fired, hired again just to be fired again.y’all should’ve just left will enough alone, the showbiz app used to be the best movie and tv app I watched but whoever redesigned it or did anything to it, made it straight GARBAGE!!!… Not even garbage, it is now considered dumpster juice in my opinion and not that it matters because it probably won’t get fixed.

    • babycakes 1 week ago

      Mine was doing this till i went in and clean the cache and the data and done a clean sweep of my phone. Now it’s working back right. Try that it helped everyone that was doing this to them as well after updating it.

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    Can no longer watch a film for more than 1-2 minutes before an advert pops up for 30 or so seconds. Once the advert is closed the film starts again from the beginning.

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    Couldn’t watch movies because of it pausing every thought the entire movie. Thought it would eventually stop pausing, but it didn’t. Took 3 hrs to watch The Nun. So, I decided uninstall and reinstall. Now, it doesn’t work at all. I cast from my phone to TV. Just a gray screen. Nothing ever plays. Not sure what’s been done, but it’s no longer an app I can use. Very sad.

  13. The realiest 2 weeks ago

    I agree with everyone else it has gotten bad its slow now and to many ads wtf

  14. Delzina H Caldwell 2 weeks ago

    I can’t get anything to play anymore. Nothing is available. Just a hazy grey shadow of where the show should be in color. Really sucks. Have uninstalled several times and each time I reinstall it the same issue returns. Use to enjoy Showbox but now I don’t and I am really disappointed.

  15. DeEtta bright 3 weeks ago

    Some of the movies aren’t showing what the titles are such as Hercules it shows the other Hercules movie..please fix it tgank you!

  16. PeePeeToucher 3 weeks ago

    The ads are no big deal but lately it seems like movies are posted under different names and loading time is upwards to 5 minutes.
    The last update made things go downhill and there has been no recent update.
    For the past 3 years I’ve used Showbox religiously and this is the first time trying to use has been not worth even trying to watch something load times and movies/TV shows posted under wrong name are my biggest issues.

    • @basm2_sbv 2 weeks ago

      Loading times have gotten outta hand recently ur right about that. I used to love this app, but lately not only the loading time being overly extended, but it seems every time i do watch something its been either freezing periodically or its like trying to watch an a video on an early 00’s desktop computer lol sitting around waiting for it to resume playing while wathing the annoying little message under the video saying “please be patient………%Buffering%……..” lol. Like i said i used to love this app an have been a long time supporter/user. But i agree with you, the app has been on a downward slide. Smh

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    I have used shoebox for 4 years and now it sucks. All the ads that pop up instead of allowing you to read articles or watch movies is horrid. I know thos is ad based but don’t be such money grubbers we know longer WANT the product. If I cannot watch a movie or read an article (which was a nice edition) I delete it. Which I have done. It sucks.

  18. Valencia Boykin 4 weeks ago

    . The wrong show is listed under the wrong name. (Star is recorded under Law and Order).When an error has been made, like putting the wrong tv show under the wrong name, will it be corrected?

  19. Valencia Boykin 4 weeks ago

    I really love this app, but here lately it’s not as good. 1. It freezes up while watching a show. 2. The wrong show is listed under the wrong name. (Star is recorded under Law and Order). 3. you can no longer download movies. When an error has been made, like putting the wrong tv show under the wrong name, will it be corrected?

  20. Matthew Hoskins 1 month ago

    Don’t waste time with showbox. Some episodes are lies and others have no sound and most skip and jump during shows

  21. Zenthina 1 month ago

    This is my second time downloading the app.But I’m very disappointed in it.The first time I downloaded it,it played a show for 45 seconds and then said (video is no longer available.Second time downloading….absolutely everything is unavailable and can’t download anything even with updates why is that???

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    I can’t watch it on my phone because u has to have ah SD card in your phone to watch any tv shows or movies

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    This app used to be so good but it’s not working like it used to anymore. Everything skips now or just freezes. Please update!

  24. Dean powell 1 month ago

    Evertime i try to download showbox it brings up showbox 5.11 i need showbox for LG phone

  25. James Smallwood 1 month ago

    I had this on a Samsung and it worked fine. Now I have an iPhone and it just won’t work at all. Not happy 1 lilttle bit

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    I have three lg stylo 4 and its hard asf to watch anything if I use server a it won’t connect every now and then it will have a sever b option but only in a few shows and when I use torrents it won’t work at all please fix this issue this was my favorite apo til now ???

    • Latoya Rainwater 1 month ago

      I have the 3 and i have to download the movie to watch. Takes forever, sometimes days. Sometimes it will play without download when i connect to wifi. It is frustrating. No problems on past phones (v10, Xperia, samsung)

  27. Christos 1 month ago

    Ok, I have downloaded it. It’s perfect, but, I am looking for a movie and I can’t find it… “Alpha” 2018.
    Please advice.

  28. ellen brackeen 1 month ago

    You have to download a 3rd party caster. I use local cast. In the settings of shoebox switch it to other player and even you try to play it it will use your cast app to find your chromecast

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  30. It doesn’t have a cast button so how do l cast itvto the tv thru chromecast

  31. Muhammed Anees 2 months ago

    Older version June 2017 is better than this version… In this version I can’t watch TV shows and Movies…..!!!
    There is a thing… I am madly in love with this app…. You have to Give us New Update with new features so we can Easily watch TV shows and Movies…. Thank you.

  32. It depends what kind of phone ur using. I’m using the LG V30 and the default video player allows me to cast. It’s a little icon with the wifi symbol on the bottom left of a little screen. If u don’t see this on a default video player, then you can just download one. I believe there is one called MX Player u can download it from another app called Tutu app.

  33. Lizzie Sibz 3 months ago

    Its a delight really but it should add Baruto the next generation tv show besides that unfortunate disappointment its really cool

  34. Rating:

    How does it work with Chromecast??? Finding it really fustrating! I’ve downloaded allcast and the new version doesn’t support it. Any help much appreciated

    • They moved where u pick how to watch. It’s on the home page under settings. U go in n select other player like old times.

    • Steven Koehler 3 months ago

      U have to download the movie to your phone (the movie you want to watch on shoebox) then use download cast to tv cast to chromecast and it should be one of the first ones that come up. Then you have to movw the downloaded movie into the cast folder . and that’s that

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